Icarus Jump »

A secret mission goes awry for Army Ranger Charles Shelby when a faulty parachute jump plunges him through time into a Bronze Age war. Befriending a peaceful city and its lovely priestess, he is tasked with training female guerilla fighters to counter northern barbarians infiltrating the city’s peaceful valley. Meanwhile, he discovers a deep-rooted treachery in the city that threatens to wreck a culture he has come to admire and to destroy the priestess who loves him. With only his Twenty-first Century knife and his superb training as one of the modern world’s elite warriors, Shelby...


The City and the Gate »

In the last bloody minutes of his escape with Melia from her besieged Bronze Age city, all he knew was that he was in some kind of underground labyrinth. Then the earthquake hit, she was gone, and he was back in the Twenty-first Century. Now Army Ranger Charles Shelby fights his way past underground monsters and ghosts to return to her, finding a city on the edge of collapse. His superb military training and skill help him to overcome barbaric invaders, rescue a captured king, and turn the tide of war to save the city dedicated to doing what is best for women and children.