John Yearwood lives in Austin with his wife and two small dogs. He enlisted in the USAF in 1966 and received an honorable discharge in 1970, after which he completed his education at Tulane and The University of Texas. He taught in high schools and universities for thirty years, and was a journalist for fifteen years. He has published hundreds of editorials and columns and thousands of news stories, as well as academic works on the First Amendment and the extra-Constitutional powers of the Presidency during times of crisis. He retired in 2012 and now volunteers part-time helping elementary students improve their reading skills, and assisting refugee immigrants. He loves walking in the woods, and often pretends he is hunting though actually he is admiring the fractal symmetry of trees. The Icarus Jump and The City and the Gate are his first two novels. The third and final novel in the Icarus trilogy, The Gender of Fire, will be released in 2017. His fourth novel, The Carrie App, is set in modern California and follows the early life of a genius kid who creates apps for the smartphone, and discovers there is truth everywhere if you know how to look. The Carrie App will be released in time for Christmas, 2017.

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